Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take a good Snap?

The #1 rule of thumb is to make sure the sun is behind you. Since many races begin in the early morning, you often may not have great light to take quality Snaps. This is a great time to take candid shots and videos of racers before the race starts. Make sure the Snap camera settings are set to “auto” or “flash” in close-up, low light situations. A terrific pre-race video is a racer’s answer to the question, “How are you feeling about the race?”

How much do I earn for taking Snaps?

You earn money when someone purchases a Snap that you took. The amount you make per Snap follows this schedule:

  • $1.00 web resolution photo
  • $1.50 original resolution photo
  • $2.00 video

What is Donate to Charity?

Select Donate to Charity within your Profile Settings to donate the funds you earn from taking future Snaps to charity.

When buying a photo, what is the difference between purchasing a “Web” and an “Original” photo?

When you buy a “Web” photo, it is available to share on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and within the Snapathon app without a watermark. Also, when you buy the Web photo, the photo then appears in the Race Feed for everyone, but without the watermark. When you buy an “Original” photo, Snapathon will email a link to you for downloading the original photo.

Why do the videos show only several frames of the video?

What you’re seeing is a preview of the original video file. If you purchase a video, Snapathon will email a link to you to download the original video.

How do I conserve my phone’s data usage and battery life when using Snapathon?

Snapathon uploads Snaps immediately when you take them. If you’re experiencing increased data usage or higher-than-normal battery drain, select “WiFi Only” in the Camera Settings (settings icon in the camera). Then, the next time you are connect to WiFi, open up the application and your Snaps will upload over WiFi instead of over a wireless network.

Where is my race?

Please let us know if you would like Snapathon at a race that is not listed in the app. We will do our best to add it, subject to race licensing restrictions.

Can I use Snapathon if I don’t have an iPhone?

Snapathon currently only allows for taking Snaps via iPhone. However, you can still search for, follow, share and purchase Snaps from your browser on any smartphone, tablet or PC. If taking Snaps with a device other an an iPhone, or taking and uploading Snaps from your digital camera, are features you would like, please send us a quick note.

Can I remove a tag for a photo?

Only the photographer of a Snap or Snapathon administrators are able to remove tags.

Why do I have to wait until my sales balance exceeds $20 in order to request payment (transfer to PayPal)?

Snapathon imposes this requirement to minimize administrative tracking and overhead.

Why do I have to use PayPal?

Currently, Snapathon only supports PayPal for compensating photographers and collecting money from purchases. If you would like to purchase Snaps with your credit card, you may select that option within PayPal at checkout.

Other questions?

Please contact us if you have any questions not included above. Thank you!

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